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The most neglected and mission critical aspect of corporate and personal computing.  Read what we have said about it in a couple of FAQ's addressed to our less computer literate tenants and clients.  Then think about how much of this applies to you and your company!       

In our experience even IT companies who think they have a solution that works often find out after a crash that they do not - and by then it's too late.  Here are the problems we see all too often:

  • Wrong or incorrectly set up or inappropriate software
  • Wrong or inappropriate media
  • Out of Date definitions - life moves on leaving the back up behind
  • Apathy or Complacency - when is the Back Up checked and how?

Hastingwood Securities can offer you a range of backup solutions.

Remote Backup
Using the internet and our Back Up Servers at the Data Centre.  This is normally configured as an incremental back up and can be set up by us after an initial on site audit and health check.


CD/DVD Backup
If you must.  A big health warning first - optical media is low on the reliability list, but there are circumstances where its use is justified.


FileServer Backup
Create a complete and totally secure back up onto a Hastingwood fileserver, or onto your own LAN based backup system, set up by us.


Please click here for our Help / FAQ page, which contains some guides on data backup strategies.