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About Us
Since 1985 Hastingwood Securities has been providing cutting edge telecommunication solutions to its customers.  We deal mainly with businesses and the top carriers, focusing on providing high quality services at affordable prices.

In January 2004 the expansion of the Docklands Internet Services Division led to the creation of our own DataCentre at our Docklands offices, which paved the way for a comprehensive range of VoIP solutions in the IXC and ITSP market place.

In order to provide the best possible service, Hastingwood Securities has taken the unusual step of insisting on complete control of its VoIP services from the Internet to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

To achieve this goal, Hastingwood Securities invested in the latest Networking and Internet Technologies. Our Network and Internet Backbone is one of the most advanced in the country. Our Transit provisions are all Fibre based Ethernet over an extensive MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) network.

Please click on the picture below to see a larger version of our VoIP Peer to Peer configuration.




Hastingwood Securities Data Centre links directly to the major POP’s in England where we undertake transit from no less than four Tier 1 International Transit Providers (Telia, Level 3, T Systems and AboveNet), with our own private peering to Telx, New York, USA. We use multiple high capacity fibre links which are disparately routed and arranged in an auto fallover configuration for greater reliability.

Please click here to see our Network Topology diagram.

This ensures that our connectivity is fully redundant and active management means that we have the best possible links in place - guaranteeing that all routes to and from our network traverse the least number of hops and suffer the least delay. We are one of the only providers to use QoS from our network borders (Demarc) to ensure high performance across our backbone.

With all this in mind, it is easy to see that we are very serious about VoIP.


Our Terminating Equipment comprises of a Nortel DMS (National Switch) and Nortel GSP Switch, with a Nextone for SBC (Session Boarder Control) currently having 48 * E1 connectivity enabled (1,440 concurrent calls, at any time) providing for 15 million minutes per month, using industry standard calculations.  To provide extra scalability and security we use dedicated hardware Gateways for H.323 and SIP terminations.


Our UK terminations landline (proper) and mobile are all of the highest quality (white routing), with 100 % CLI (Caller Line Identification) guaranteed.

2005 ASR figures by month:






















Early adoptors gave the technology a bad name in some quarters.  Now, the technology has moved on but poor quality is still a problem wih many VoIP providers.  Jitter, stacatto speech, echo, disconnects - all are a consequence of bad routing, poor equipment, excessive compression, or just poor systems integration.  So, this is the Hastingwood challenge.  We will terminate or originate your test VoIP calls, bounce them off remote routers, give you full traffic stats, and you decide on the quality !


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