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Hastingwood has many years experience in hosting websites for our tenants, but since the expansion of our custom built Data Centre several years ago, we have offered our world-class hosting solutions more widely.

Most servers are required to operate 24/7, largely unattended, and to provide sustained high performance. This needs secure power (better than mains reliability), air conditioned rack space, a physically secure location, high quality connectivity and transit, and a full set of engineering and IT skills. These are all available in our Data Centre.

Just as the costs of providing a suitable environment can effectively be shared with all the other users paying for the services, so can the provision of the computing hardware as well through Virtual Hosting. Our virtual mail and web servers currently use the award winning Plesk software from Parallels, running on Linux platforms for general use.

For special purposes, we also operate Linux and other Windows based web servers tailored to specific requirements. We offer a range of solutions to meet the needs of all companies, large and small, including Web and Mail Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Shared Virtual Hosting. All Services are discounted for Hastingwood tenants, but standard pricing is competitive, and very attractive where value added enhanced performance is required.