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Telecoms Overview

We offer telephony hardware, services and consultancy advice to our customers.

Hardware. HastNet builds its own range of PBX and Billing Servers based on popular Open Source projects. HastNet servers conform to international standards and integrate with most third party hardware and handsets. This both protects existing client investments and permits a wider range of choice.

Services. HastNet has relationships with a number of major Telecoms providers, allowing us to leverage our own and partner call volumes into advantageous Termination contracts. We hold multiple arrangements for reasons of Cost, Availability and Quality, where active routing management is used to optimise overall performance and Least Cost Routing (LCR) to minimise cost.

The Hosted PBX solution is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of high speed broadband networks and has outgrown the problems of responsiveness and functionality associated with TDM (or POTS - plain old telephone system) implementations. With a hosted PBX, the client connects handsets to a remote PBX switch which provides everything a client owned PBX could do plus more besides, and all at much lower cost. For our reseller partners we can also generate customer billing and management reports.

Dedicated Hosted PBX's can be provided per Client at very low rentals to support client specific functionality like call recording and call analysis reporting.

Consultancy. HastNet can assist in several ways. We offer solution design to your requirements, manage integrations with legacy equipment and supply turnkey voice platform implementations to meet your needs.