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Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated Hosting, you supply all the computing hardware and we provide the environment. This includes building security, air conditioning, raw and uninterruptible mains power, rack housing, a high bandwidth internet connection, IP addressing and even shared office space if needed.

Dedicated hosting is sold in multiples of 1U rack space with significant discounts for quarter, half or full racks. A HastNet standard rack is 42U and power rated up to 8A UPS supply as standard, or more by arrangement. It is normal for customer Co Located servers to be unmanaged, but we will take on the management overhead if requested.

An obvious benefit of dedicated hosting is that the equipment is dedicated to the client's use. This allows high availability techniques such as clustering to be deployed if appropriate, and also accommodates highly specialised designs.

High performance platforms are almost always dedicated. However, they do not need to be owned by the client. They can be rented or leased and HastNet will design and build servers if required.

Unmanaged Service You carry out all maintenance, install patches and service packs, upgrades - we provide basic remote hands assistance e.g. for rebooting at your request.

Managed Service We maintain all your hosted equipment for you to an agreed specification.

Fully Managed Service We maintain all your hosted equipment for you and are also responsible for design and system integration.

Data Centre Access Access is controlled for security reasons but is available 24/7 subject to approval.