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The HastNet Data Centre is located in London Docklands and is at the heart of much of what we do. It provides data centre services to third party clients but is also the platform supporting and enhancing our own products. There are several benefits in this which include being fully in control of our own operations and the impetus to constantly develop and maintain a wider skill set.

Many ISPīs and Telecoms Resellers are what are known as "virtual operators". They provide sales and service but rely on others to design and run the hardware and systems on which their products depend. In contrast, HastNet designs, maintains and operates its own core network and provides a "one stop shop".

The Hastnet Data Centre is designed for both reliability and high performance.

The Data Centre consists of a physically secure and managed space occupied by computer racks supplied with high integrity mains power which is provided by Uninterruptible Power Supplies or UPS. The UPS equipment runs on batteries which maintain the mains voltage output even if there is an actual mains failure. A Stand By Generator kicks in if the mains failure is of long duration. Multiple air conditioning units maintain low temperatures so that the computer equipment operates safely and reliably.

The Data Centre connects to the internet via secure, fast, high quality and separate fibre connections, run in diverse routes to different termination points on the backbone. Interconnects with a selection of Tier 1 backbone providers offer virtually unlimited and high quality connectivity.

The HastNet data centre has excellent uptime and performance records which we would be pleased to discuss in detail. We are also interested in demanding projects and solving problems.