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Managing the Data Centre environment in which your Servers function is all part of the basic HastNet Hosting package. This includes provision of Power, Air Con, IP Transit and physical security, but does not include anything that happens inside your servers and systems. We can provide additional support depending on your available IT skills, where you are located, the nature of your systems and consequences of a failure, the importance of availability to you and the urgency of achieving repairs if necessary.

HastNet defines three levels of client hardware management to address this.

Remote Hands. This is basically providing a pair of hands to do your bidding. It is normally FOC on the basis that it is an occasional and limited service provided only within normal business hours. It includes Reboots, Status reporting, Patching on specific request, and carrying out simple instructions.

Standard Management. This adds to Remote Hands pro active box management on site which includes Bios and Operating System support with Updates, Service Packs and security patches, resource monitoring and fault finding.

Full Management. In addition to Standard Management, the Full package features hardware diagnostics and repair, Application install and support, and integrated system support where applicable.

External Costs. Any additional external costs arising through HastNet providing these managed services are charged as incurred plus an admin markup.

Back Ups. The needs and scope for back ups varies so much that we have not made any "standard arrangements" - instead we discuss each installation on its merits. See our Data Back up section for further information. Some clients prefer to be responsible for their own back ups, some leave it all to us and some combine the two.

We can provide local NAS based backups and also remote off site backups using a number of strategies depending on the application and the client. Costs are extra to any Management service costs.

Remote Power Switching. Power IP Bars are available on request, allowing connected equipment to be power cycled in response to remote commands issued by authorised users over the internet.

Client Access. Facilities are provided free of charge for Clients to attend during normal business hours for the purposes of installing, removing or servicing hosted servers or systems. These include parking (subject to availability), coffee, phone, workshop facilities, and the loan of keyboards, mice and monitors. Clients may also apply for unsupervised 24/7 access. Office, conference and meeting services are also available at Docklands Business Centre rates.