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Call Recording

There are many benefits to be had from Recording calls - these vary from industry to industry. With IP Phones, the technology is convenient and adaptable to provide this.

The Product. Call Recording facilities are provided via a dedicated hosted PBX. Extensions can be set to record all conversations or to record on demand during calls in progress. HastNet will record all or any phone traffic passing through any of our IP Phones registered to this dedicated PBX and provide secure web access to it from anywhere in the world. Subscribers can download audio files for replay or local storage. Phone calls are securely stored for a rolling 2 months as standard. Recordings can be retained for longer by arrangement if required.

Easy to Use. Subscribers "drill down" to the call or calls required by specifying call parameters such as

  • Incoming/Outgoing
  • Dialled Number (or Caller Number)
  • Extension (if IP phone is part of Office PBX system)
  • Date and Time of Day

Subscribers can then choose whether to

  • Listen to the recording
  • Download it for local play, storage, or e-mailing on

The Benefits. These include the following:

Typical Users. Solicitors, Agents, Dealers, Telephone Sales, Service Departments.

Legal Note. Some industries are subject to legal or code of practice restrictions on unauthorised recordings - please consult your advisors if in doubt.