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PBX Facilities

The table below shows the standard feature set of IP Phone facilities. The feature set is divided into 2 sections - the Core Services are those delivered as standard within any of the bundles or other services. The Optional Extras are normally the subject of additional charges. With very few exceptions, all services are supported by all Hastnet Cisco handsets. Third party handsets (ano IP in table) may or may not support the feature in question - ask us for input if required - whilst Plain Old Telephone System (aka BT or analogue) handsets which are supported via an ATA device also depend on the handset chosen. HD indicates Handset Dependant.

HastNet VoIP Features -- Core Services
Feature Detail Description Hast POTS
via ATA
ano IP
Speed Dial Shortcode speedial for set numbers. HD HD
Last number redial One-touch redial of number last dialled. HD HD
Missed Call / Call Return All missed calls are listed and may be returned by scrolling through the list and selecting calls to dialback. HD
Tone Dialling and Selection DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) keypad tone generation and recognition for tone dialling and menu selection when in an automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call. HD HD
Do not disturb When selected, all incoming calls are automatically intercepted and may be diverted to Voicemail or busy signal sent to caller if Voicemail is not activated. HD
Headset operation Use headset instead of receiver to make hands-free calls - NB requires headset-ready handset plus suitable headset. HD HD
Caller ID Display Display of caller number - and name where available (for on IPNet calls only). HD HD
Call Forward Calls to your number may be automatically forwarded to any other number or extension, bypassing your phone.
Call transfer Active calls may be transferred to any other number or extension. HD HD
Hold/retrieve Active calls may be put on hold and retrieved - holding party receives audible tone whilst on hold. HD HD
Call Waiting Display Display shows number / name of waiting caller (from Handset phonebook or from telephony service for on IPNet calls only). HD HD
Call waiting tone Audible tone may be heard over an active call to alert when an incoming caller is waiting.
Voicemail Voicemail recording Voicemail service to answer calls and record messages.
Message retrieval Received voicemail may be retrieved and managed:
1 - From handset with PIN
2 - Remotely via call-in from external number with PIN
Personal greeting Personal greeting and prompts may be recorded for use with voicemail box.
Message management Messages may be saved, deleted or forwarded from within the voicemail manager.
Notification by special ring tone/display New messages awaiting attention will trigger an audible alert through stuttered dial tone each time the phone is used until the messages have been processed.
Visual message waiting indication New messages awaiting attention will trigger a visible alert e.g. flashing display until the messages have been processed.
3-way calling Up to 3 parties can be connected in a single call from any handset. HD HD
Secure Web Portal - Control Panel Forward unconditionally Individual forwarding option to re-direct all incoming calls may be set-up and managed via the secure web interface.
Forward on busy Individual forwarding option when line is in use may be set-up and managed via the secure web interface.
Forward when unavailable Individual forwarding option when SIP Proxy account is not available (i.e. when telephone device is not registered and on-line) may be set-up and managed via the secure web interface.
Follow me Incoming calls may be routed to locate you through searching a sequence of numbers you have designated with option for time-dependent routing.
Do not disturb option Individual time-dependent do not disturb privacy option may be set via the secure web interface.
Facsimile Support and Modem Support Enables sending and receipt of faxes. This service is suitable for standard fax services, ePOS, postage franking and new generation 3g (Super) Fax systems. n/a n/a n/a
Unified Messaging Email notification of new voicemail message. Voicemails received may be forwarded as e-mail to any specified address for review on-line, incorporating hotlink for replay.
Multiple mail folders Group voicemail using shared mailboxes is available, as well as individual subscriber mailboxes.
Voicemail access Voicemail messages may be accessed via call-in from handset with PIN.
Call Functions Music On-Hold Music plays for far-end parties whilst call is on hold - standard music, non customisable.

HastNet VoIP Features -- Optional Extras -- ask for pricing.
Feature Detail Description Hast POTS
via ATA
ano IP
Call Groups and Multi Office Setup Dial Plan for multi site configuration Direct extension dialling and outside line access can be configured across and between multiple sites, effectively integrating intersite telephony. Internal calls within or between configured sites may be placed from one extension to another by dialling the extension number only.
Advanced incoming call routing Incoming calls can be routed to a series of numbers in a Hunt Group to provide options for answering within the group, e.g.:
- Ring All
- Round Robin
- Priority
- Max Idle Time
Group pickup Anyone within a specified group of numbers may intercept and pick-up any incoming call to any number in the group.
Broadcast Broadcast a pre-recorded or live announced message to a group or groups of extensions - played over phone loudspeaker. HD HD
Conferencing Conference Bridge Up to 16 Parties may dial-in to a secure, PIN controlled conference bridge for larger audio conferences.
Call Monitoring and Recording Call monitoring Call monitoring allows authorised users to listen in to calls in real time.
Blanket call recording Inbound and outbound calls may be recorded and played back or downloaded in MP3 audio format.
Call recording on demand Inbound and outbound calls may be recorded on demand during a call in progress and subsequently played back or downloaded in MP3 audio format.
IVR Automated answering Automated answering with pre-recorded multi-level option menu for selection via touch-tone keypad can be set up - note this service is not currently available for user set-up and management via the web portal, instead requiring instatement by our engineers to your specification at the start of service.
Multi-level menus Multi-level menu options are available, including several layers of sub-menu if required.
Queuing and forwarding from menu Menu options include the ability to queue / manage calls in rotation and select transfer to a specific extension or mailbox, if so specified.
Configurable time/date out of hours control Programmable response to incoming calls, based on time and day.
Out of hours routing to alternative number or voicemail Calls to any of your numbers may be automatically forwarded to any other number or extension from a specified future time, e.g. for 'night-mode' switchboard operation.