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Function Options

Monitoring. Many telephone based businesses such as Call Centres, Telesales operations and Support providers will benefit from Call Monitoring and Intrusion. The HastNet IP telephone system offers these features on our dedicated hosted PBX.

Monitoring gives a Manager or Supervisor the ability to listen in to a call in progress. Optionally, he or she can whisper prompts or guidance to the team member, unheard by the remote party, or they can conference in and fully join the call. A very common use for this facility is for staff training or monitoring.

Legal Note. Some industries are subject to legal or code of practice restrictions on unauthorised monitoring - please consult your advisors if in doubt.

Call Logging. Call logs can be used to analyse and improve phone usage, for bill checking, and to prove or disprove that calls were made, including incoming calls.

Voice Mail. When someone calls and your phone is unattended or set to DND (Do Not Disturb), the caller has the option of leaving a Voice Message. A warning light and stuttered dial tone on your handset alerts you when a message has been left and any messages left can be checked and played back from your handset. Optionally, the system can send you an e-mail alert with the entire recorded message attached. Finally, Voice Mail can also be recovered by dialling in using any phone from a remote location.

Other Facilities.

Conference Calls. Our IP handsets and systems all support 3 way conference calling as standard where any IP phone user can invite a third party to join the call at any stage. Optionally, larger conference groups can be serviced using a Conference Bridge.

Video Calls. IP video calling is also supported in the HastNet telephony platform, using suitable IP enabled video handsets.