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Data Backup

Data Backup is often the most neglected mission critical aspect of corporate and personal computing. In our experience even IT companies who think they have a solution that works often find out after a crash that they do not.

HastNet offers a range of backup solutions allowing you to create a complete and totally secure backup onto a HastNet fileserver, or onto your own LAN based storage system, set up by us.

Image Backups copy an entire hard disc/partition and permit a Server to be put back on line using a new hard disc onto which the backed up server image can be written. Typically, Image Backups are a good, fast way of dealing with hardware failures.

File Backups are copy sets of data files - normally Operating System and Application Programme files are omitted - which allow individual files to be restored as required. File based backups are ideal for individual or shared data, such as written documents, spreadsheets and images. With File Backups individual files or folders that may have been inadvertently erased, over written or corrupted can be easily and precisely restored.

Image or File Backups can be stored on site and remotely if required, to provide additional business continuity security.

Remote Backup
Using the internet and the Backup Servers in our Data Centre, backups can often be set up to run remotely This is normally configured as an incremental backup and can be set up by us after an initial on site audit and health check.