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Datacentre Overview

Our fully featured London Datacentre provides secure equipment hosting and services to multiple customers. Here is an overview with reference to all the key features.

Location. London Docklands which is a focal point for internet services and an operations centre for all the most important providers.

Size. Our current capacity is 50 racks. We focus on adding value for customers who appreciate and benefit from an engaged and hands on supportive approach.

Security. Restricted physical access, alarm systems, and CCTV with remote monitoring 24/7.

Power. Multiple UPS systems, segmented to provide failover operation if required, diverse mains supplies, and Stand By power generation with greater than 48 hour autonomy.

Air Con. Multiple systems with excess capacity to provide safe operating margins in the event of partial failure.

Connectivity. Two diverse 10 gbps fibres terminating in different POP's keep us connected through road works and power outages.

Transit. Contracts with multiple Tier 1 providers and peering arrangement with hundreds of major users and intermediaries.

Routing. Proprietary HastNet routers running BGP in fully redundant configurations.

Networking. We provide on net access via extensive WAN's to clients directly or via their existing contracted suppliers.

Internet Security. We provide our own Firewalls and monitors, and will configure and operate client supplied hardware if required.

Access. Physical access is controlled by agreement. Many clients subscribe to our IP addressable power bars which are applied on a per box basis.

Kit Management. Anything from simple remote hands to fully managed including upgrades, patches, repairs and design.

System Management. We are RIPE members and fully versed in IP technologies.

Client Facilities. Office, storage, parking, conference room, cafe and workshop facilities are all available on site.