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Call Termination

When it comes to call termination HastNet can deliver.

Low Cost. We are not a virtual operator so we are not bound to a single provider when terminating calls for our customers. We have contracts with several big providers and can pick and choose call routing depending on cost and quality. We have the technology to do this in real time so that for example if a call cannot be connected via our first choice provider, it is automatically redirected via one that can support this route. In this way calls can also be routed for the lowest cost of termination using Least Cost Routing algorithms (LCR).

High Quality. The overall quality of a call depends on making the connection, doing so in an acceptable time, having good sound quality in both directions, and not losing the call until it is properly terminated. HastNet selects quality routing for call termination and also uses Quality of Service (QoS) controls where we can together with various platform and protocol optimisations to try and get the best possible call quality for our customers.

Good Customer Service. Some calls will go wrong. Some destinations will be temporarily unreachable. Delivering almost ANY phone call is a co operative effort between providers, carriers and network partners and largely dependent on automated systems. HastNet values customer service highly, so when you have a problem and need to be able to tell someone who understands and who can and will fix it, just get in touch. We can trace calls through our platform with full diagnostic analysis available.

HastNet also provides secure web access to Call Detail Records, and optionally itemised billing.