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Hosted PBX

The HastNet Hosted PBX allows incoming calls to ring separately, in groups or by Round Robin rotation. Calls can easily be transferred from one handset to another. Call-waiting, three-way calling, voicemail and diverting from the handset are all available as standard features with the HastNet platform, which is designed and configured for high availability.

IVR automated answering menus, personalised ringtones, bespoke music-on-hold, call recording and conference bridges for multiple party calls are also available as additional features, which we will also tailor to specific customer requirements.

With HastNet Hosted PBX system all of these choices can be easily set up and changed, many of which can be configured by the user via a simple web interface. The link sets out a list of PBX Facilities available from HastNet, all for a low monthly rental charge and no lengthy contract lock-in.

The accompanying graphic** shows the essentials of a Hosted PBX system.

The HastNet platform supports a range of VoIP enabled handsets, although we offer Cisco IP Phones as standard. These can be configured with account settings and firmware upgrades automatically via our provisioning servers.